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Defuse - June 2014

A night-time version of de_sparity, but flipped to confuse everybody and with no invisible boundaries. Explore the world around the map! Camp on the roof-tops. Parkour. Surfing. This is an open-world map with plenty to do and lots of places to get stuck.


Sparity Infinity


Defuse - June 2014

Made for the Cevo competition. It didn't make the final 10 but is currently ranked among the top 12 maps on the CS:GO workshop. It has one of the most fun and balanced layouts that I have ever made and I am very proud of it.




Defuse - June 2013

Made for the Cevo competition and one of the final 10 to be chosen from. It contains a heavily playtested defuse layout with a variety of themes. I got my inspiration from a castle in Cyprus. Give it a go!




Surf battle - February 2013

Remake of my gibvalley map, an arena with sloped walls that accidentally turned into a surfing battle-ground. Now, it has been remade for the CSGO community to enjoy, complete with prettier colours and more gameplay potential.




Defuse - December 2012

Made for the winter wonderland competition on gamebanana's site. The map is an extensively playtested de_ map, with heavy optimisation and a fair bit of detail. Hardly any custom textures were used. Thank you to everybody who took part in playtesting it!




Defuse - September 2012

Made for the Mars competition on gamebanana's site. Either take control of the terrorists and destroy the launch pad / entrance to a Styricum mine, or play as the counter-terrorists and prevent it. A joint map with SarahB360, thanks to Mr13A for playtesting, advice and moral support through rough times at 6 in the morning.




Defuse - October 2009

de_tergiversate is a defuse map that was built primarily with gameplay in mind. It's extremely well balanced, is fun to play and the graphics are okay. I had the idea for the dam bombsite when in Sri Lanka in 2007 and finally got around to making it. I learned a lot when making this map, mostly about balancing and completing a project. I have made prettier levels, though they haven't been completed.




Minigame - March 2009

3k_smash was the map that started the smash minigame, where two teams stand on a platform that gets pounded by boulders until it collapses. The winning team is the last one alive. It's frantic, there are no guns involved and it's a lot of fun.




Fightyard - July 2008

I have wanted to make a map like this for a while. I had a vision of a large cube in space, filled with corridors and passages. I finally got around to making it. It took two days and isn't that fun to play, but it looks nice. I doubt there are many other maps like this one.