List of polished, pretty tutorials

First map tutorial 1 (Setting up) - Slightly older than my CSGO tutorial series, but will cover the basics for most games just as well.
First map tutorial 2 (Inside Hammer editor) - Same series as above.

3D skyboxes - Find out how to make your maps look larger than what is possible in Hammer, and how to align it with the map.
3D skybox example - An ocean-based skybox version!
Birds - How to add flying and clucking things to your level!
Custom textures
- How to get your own textures into Source-based games.
Custom radar tutorial
- Custom radar for CSS and CSGO.
- for bumpy ground, hills and mountains.
Doors - Make openable doors in Hammer.
Elevators and trains - Making things go up, things come down, forwards backwards twisted round. AHA! You might cry.
env_cubemap - Add nice reflections to surfaces in your game.
env_cubemap Advanced - Experimental video where I test various ways of making reflections prettier.
Fog - How to add fog, clouds, mist and smoke (If you use your imagination. env_smokestack might be better for smoke).
func_brush - Mainly uses it to create non-solid walls.
func_precipitation - Rain, snow and other weather effects, especially if used in conjunction with the fog tutorial.
func_water_analog - Moving water.
game_player_equip - Make players start without weapons.
Ladders - This tutorial will work on all Source games apart from TF2 (No ladders exist!) or the Half Life 2 series (Different method)
light_environment (basic) - How to light outdoor environments.
light_environment (advanced) - How to light outdoor environments.
Lighting theory - Fun, detailed tutorial with lots of examples of lighting.
point_template - Create objects in-game by spawning them where you want them.
Ropes - Basic tutorial, shows you how to make them.
Ropes Advanced - Fun, experimental video showing the advanced rope options.
Skybox texturing - 45 second video showing you how to change the sky texture.
Spinning objects - Make objects which rotate in-game.
Rotating objects - Rotate objects in Hammer. Not to be mistaken with the above video!
Sounds - Using the ambient_generic entity.
Custom Sounds - Making your own sounds
Soundscapes - Make ambient sounds in the background of your map.
Source SDK fix - How to get TF2, CSS, DOD etc working after 2013 update.
Taking good screenshots - Possibly the most important part of marketing your map... or anything, for that matter.
Teleports - Teleport people and objects in a certain area.
Trigger_hurt - Make areas that hurt people.
Water - Make water in under 30 seconds!
Water comparison CSS - Find the water that's right for your level!
Water comparison CSGO - Find the water that's right for your level!
Windows - How to make glass windows in 3 different ways.


List of tutorials to update

Decompiling maps - Tutorial on converting ready-made maps into a file that can be opened in Hammer.
DMM - Create destructable walls etc in Hammer.
Optimising - Covers the hint and areaportal tools. To be updated with a multi-part, more comprehensive series.



3kliksphilip, 2011