List of Sony Vegas 12 Tutorials

Welcome to my Vegas tutorials! Why did I choose to make these? Well, I felt that my Source tutorials had a unique style to them and I was fed up of skipping through hour-long tutorials explaining something that only takes 5 minutes, so I thought I'd branch out into other programs. The other reason was because my Mum wanted to learn Vegas and I thought that this would be the best way. Annoyingly she would still rather get me to show her in person, but I'm working on it ;) If you're new, watch the two below. Once you understand those, the rest of the tutorials should be easy to pick up as and when you need them, as they cover more specific topics that you may or may not need when putting together your holiday footage etc.



Basic video tutorial - Watch this if you have no previous experience. It will show you how to piece together and compile a video file in Vegas.
Modifying clips - How to adjust the length, cut off the ends and split things in two. Probably the second video you should watch if you're new.
Improving clips - Making the clips you already have look better.
Removing blurry artifacts - Fixes a problem associated with interlaced videos and default Vegas properties.
Stabilizing clips - Stop them from being so shaky!

Text- Add words on top of your videos. Think of the possibilities!
Speeding up / slow motion - Alter the speed of your videos and the pitch of the audio.
Adding sunflare - By far the most important part of any video.

50p videos - If you'll need this video, you'll know it. Otherwise, ignore.