Long, often un-edited clips of computer games. Either because I find them amusing, or because I want to bore you silly. If you have a spare half an hour and are looking for something to bridge the time, why not give one of these a go and live in my life for a while?


  Minecraft - the first night
May 2013

Best day that I've had this year. My friends and I all got together and played minecraft. Tom hadn't ever played before, 'Bello' had played a few days and spent the whole time making a nice castle for us to retreat to when things got rough, while Commachio and I have played before several times. I decided to upload this video because the first night was rather action packed, and none of us would have survived if respawning was disabled.


  CSGO Train game
May 2013

Competitive game on CSGO on de_train.


  Crysis 3 first level play-through
March 2013

I play through Crysis 3's first level, analysing the graphics. Everything set to 'ultra'. Probably the best looking game out for the next couple of years.


  CSGO Inferno game
March 2013

CSGO match played on de_inferno. Only the first half. This one was an interesting game because I ended up making enemies for no particular reason. Perhaps it was because I suggested that one round that we lost was my fault and apologised. Clearly a silly thing to do in any situation, but particularly in CSGO where they'll then use that to justify any future loss :(


  CSGO de_balfour game
Dec 2012

Competitive game on my de_balfour map for csgo. (Unfinished, playtest-version)



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