Despite having played games most of my life, I have a very cloudy knowledge of what went on during the 70's, 80's and even 90's. At my cousins' houses I would see consoles of old. I myself had an Atari, then later a Playstation 1. I then switched to PC gaming as soon as we got one. Now, I go back to gaming's roots to see where the games, consoles, developers and publishers we know today came from. It's been an exciting journey.

Each video is 2-4 minutes long and should hopefully summarise everything you'll find interesting. I'll leave you to do detailed research into any of these areas rather than boring you with an hour-long video.


The 1970's

Welcome to the beginning of my journey, where I play the first games in great detail.


The 1980's

1980 and beyond was a real boom for games... and made the creation of this series far more time-consuming. Hopefully some videos will be out soon.