2012 juggling video
  Filmed in June 2012 in the Lake District.


  2010 Warwick juggling
  Maks and I juggling together in the middle of Coventry.


  2010 training
  Probably a bit dull if you don't know the moves, but they're pretty hard. Was filmed at the end of a week of training, probably the best I've ever been at juggling.


  2010 juggling video
  Snowed in Cornwall so I travelled around and took footage from everywhere. The video got poor ratings from jugglers, who felt that I didn't have complete control of the moves, and by everybody else for not being as polished as other videos. You could say it's got the worst bits of both worlds!


  2009 3 ball patterns
  3 ball juggling doesn't do it for me unless I spin/bob my head enough to feel drunk.


  2009 footage
  Numbers juggling in the back garden.


  2009 mills mess record attempt
  Fell about 6 minutes short. Damn!


  2008 juggling fails
  5 months after I started I compiled a video of all my fails to date. It's not as if a video of my best juggling would have been that impressive, and let's face it, everybody just wants to see jugglers getting hurt in horrible ways. Here's my contribution to the community. This video is a slightly modified version with some 2009 clips at the beginning, but the main focus is on the 2008 version.


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