Why would you like to see the journey my life takes?

You probably don't.

I, on the other hand, have tried diaries. I've tried folder systems filled with music and pictures from each stage of my life.

This is my latest attempt at documenting my life. I will try to make these regular but won't try to make something out of nothing. This is indeed an exciting time of my life and probably the most worth documenting. The chances are what I try to do will fail and this video series will act as a sore reminder for me for the rest of my life that, although I did put a lot in to it, I wasn't good enough to pull it off. I need something like that to keep me on track in life should I ever have a crazy midlife crisis.


October 2013

Welcome to the beginning of my journey, where I live the first days of unemployment in great detail. I leave my job and start something that sounds REALLY slack but isn't. Also, I'm not on benefits, but am merely chewing through the savings I have worked so hard for so far in my life. I pretty much become an opportunist, doing one-off jobs for people as and when I can. The video series on youtube are but a fraction of what I do, but it's the one bit I don't mind freely discussing and documenting.


November 2013

Now having been unemployed for longer than ever before (since I was 15), I am getting into the swing of having control of my own life, attempting to balance work, rest and play. And a girlfriend. And sleep, occasionally.


December 2013

Leading up to the festive time of year, watching other people get time off as I continue the daily (fun) grind. You know that something's wrong when you're happy to edit your website on Christmas day because you can't think of anything more enjoyable to do.