I don't know about you but I find making of's are often more interesting than the finished thing itself. Here are some projects that I have documented the making of.


  de_kyrenia timelapses
April 2013

My latest full defuse map in its various stages. I also have an overview so you can see how the layout of the entire map changed through playtesting.


  Making of de_balfour
Dec 2012

I decided to document the making of de_balfour from the first stages.


  Basement from hell timelapse
Sept 2012

Never designed to be a proper functioning level. After having made de_elysium I wanted to see if I could make other environments look pretty using what I have learned over the last couple of years.


Aug 2010

We didn't finish the game, we submitted a working demo for a competition, got told it was an interesting idea, then Magicka came out and did everything we had tried to do but better so we gave up on this one. Made a great making of video though!



Below is the making of the making of. I swear these get better the further they go on. Why make original content any more when you can just make inception making of's? ;)


  Bat Sweeper Making of
Nov 2009

Hard to believe that so much time has passed since making these videos- these were my pride and joy for a long time and to this day I don't know of anybody else who has made such an indepth documentary on something that they've made, from start to finish.


  Map design from start to finish
Sept 2009

I never intended to finish the map, but made this project because I thought that it would be fun to do, informative to look back on and would help to improve my mapping. Features my 'I Like to Eat' song.


  Game making in 2 hours
July 2008

While the more recent videos feel modern, this one is really going back a bit to my days of college and low-res youtube. This has since become one of the most popular games that I've made :(