Odgrub. My first and favourite character for Elder Scrolls games. He has punched dragons, beheaded wives and has climbed mountains dressed in naught but a diamond tiara. He is the definition of a true man and one we must all strive to be. Don't believe me? Watch the incredibly manly videos below.


  Odgrub's intro

Such a manly man deserves a manly intro. Here is Odgrub's, complete with lyrics. And sunflare. Lots of sunflare. Because sunflare is manly.


  Odgrub's story

Where did such a God come from? To find this out we must travel back to Oblivion. Odgrub doesn't like Oblivion. Odgrub doesn't like games where levelling up makes you weaker. Of all the time-wasting, meaningless things one can do online, power-levelling ranks top. No sane person would do it. Odgrub did. Will hours of grinding make him the God of the lands, or will he be crushed under the weight of flawed gameplay mechanics? Watch the video below to see the result of 30+ hours of doing boring tasks over and over to level up properly!



Having suffered defeat at the hands of Oblivion's flawed gameplay system, Odgrub moved to Skyrim and became a God. Below are the videos documented by myself of his many adventures in his frozen homelands.


  Odgrub's rise to fame - Part 1, marriage

One cannot truely be called a man in Skyrim until he has a wife to bake him daily cookies and to give him nightly rest perks.


  Part 2, short-cuts

Who has time to follow paths when your destination is but a short plummet away? (With added sunflare for increased MANLINESS)


  Part 3, kind killing

He thought he was tough and manly for finding what appeared to be an easter-egg in the game. How was he supposed to know that it would become one of the most well-known quests in the game?


  Part 3-2, hot air

A tongue-in-cheek video, even by Odgrub's standards. Everything Odgrub hates about movies and modern games is condensed into this 96 second video.


  Part 4, mountain climbing

If there is a video to showcase the sheet scale and beauty of the game, it's this one. Odgrub goes for an early morning stroll up the TALLEST MOUNTAIN IN THE WORLD. You could say it was an... elder stroll! Hohoho.


  Part 5, companions

Odgrub must have some fairly serious unresolved childhood issues since he likes to spend his life alone (and mostly naked!). Below is a rare case of him working with somebody else.


  Part 6, epic castle siege

Recorded because it looked awesome and could easily be something from a scripted game. Worth 10 times as much because it isn't. Watch Odgrub take on an entire army during one of his early morning strolls.


  Part 7, new lows

Odgrub hated 'arrow to the knee' jokes. This is what he'd do to the joke if he ever got hold of it.


  Part 8, vertically challenged

Odgrub meets an angry, advice-spewing dirt eater... WITH AN IRISH ACCENT!


  Part 9, sneak cheat

Having been missing in action, presumed dead, Odgrub creeps back out from the shadows and shows us how he's been power levelling his sneak abilities. NO ODGRUB! Don't you remember what happened when you tried that in Oblivion?...


  Part 1, Season 2 - sneak cheat

Deja vu?! Maybe! Only this time, it's done with my new PC so there's no slowdown. This is something I consider important when you're viewing the beauty of Skyrim. Plus Odgrub does this every day, so uploading it more than once reflects the monotony and determination he has in his life.